Explore the Kenyan Kitchen (Paperback, 86 pages)

CHF 12.50



The Kenyan cuisine is vibrant with its distinctive smell, flavors, spices, ingredients – and even colors. This is a book for food (and photography-) lovers: it is for the home cook who wants to dip his or her toes into the wonderful world of the Kenyan cuisine. It is for the experienced lover of Kenyan food as it offers a nice mix of authentic and experimental. And it is for the traveler either en route to Kenya or returning from that country with a longing to extend the holiday-vibe.

Explore the Kenyan Kitchen covers the many facets of the Kenyan cuisine from snacks, salads and main courses up to desserts and beverages, tempting the reader to drop whatever they’re doing, and rush to the kitchen straight away. You will find traditional dishes such as the classic Kenyan beef stew, kachumbari or beef samosas, while also falling in love with new tasty sensations: cinnamon coconut custard, mkate wa maji (Kenyan Crepes) or deep fried tilapia..

Chaluka Chema! (Swahili for “Good appetite”)